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Air & Sound Testing Derby DE21

We recently carried out Domestic Air Pressure Testing and Sound Insulation Testing on these New Build houses in Derby.

Air & Sound Testing Derby DE21

The Project

Air & Sound Testing Derby DE21
Technician: Daniel Hall
Date: 26/09/2019

This project was completed for Derby Homes Ltd. After getting in touch and requesting a Quote, the job was booked in and our technicians got to work.

On this project, each house had an Air Pressure Testing Target of 4.5. The Sound Insulation Test was an Airborne Party Wall test and had a Target of 45 or above.

After reviewing drawings, on site testing was ready to be completed. All suitable equipment was set up and checked over to ensure the best possible result.

The Air Pressure Testing

Plot 1 Target
Plot 1 Result


Plot 2 Target
Plot 2 Result


The Sound Insulation Testing

Airborne Party Wall Test

  • Plot 1 Living
  • Plot 2 Living


To pass an Airborne test, you must score 43db (45 on new build properties) or higher. Airborne tests measure the difference in sound levels between the receiver room and neighbouring walls or floors. So if the sound output in the receiver room is 100db and the sound leakage being passed through into the neighbouring room is 40db, then the result would be 60 and therefore a pass.

To pass an Impact test, you must score 64db (62 on new build properties) or lower. Impact tests measure how effectively the Sound Insulation between floors cancels out sound. If there is more than 64 decibels of sound leaking through into below floors then the test would be a fail.

The Outcome

The testing was a success!

Following the passed tests, an invoice was sent to the client and upon payment, a same-day certificate was issued.

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