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Air Tightness Testing

Under the current Part LIA & L2ABuilding Regulations Conservation of fuel and power, as from 1st April 2007 any new dwelling is subject to an Air Tightness Test.

We carry out Air Leakage Tests to Domestic and Commercial properties under Building Regulations L1 and L2

L1 Testing Ltd are registered with the Independent Air Tightness Testing Scheme (IATS) to perform tests on new dwellings and commercial buildings. Our procedures are carried out in accordance with the guide lines set-out in the Technical Standards.

  • We carry out the tests, complying with diagnostic testing methods using calibrated Retrotec equipment and supporting FanTestic software programming.
  • Pre-testing and fault finding are completed by us, as well as site inspections and operative workshops.
  • Design input at an early stage in the project.
  • Air tightness test executed to comply with Building Regulation Part L1a & L2a.
  • Our technicians will issue a pass certificate (IATS Compliant) upon successful completion of the test.

L1 TestingL2 Air Leakage Tests of Commercial Buildings

L1 Testing carry out air leakage testing to Commercial buildings.
Under Building Regulations L2, all commercial buildings must be subjected to an air leakage test by a certified testing authority.

A consultancy service is offered at design stage to highlight any weakness in the air barrier.

We will also carry out site inspections to ensure your building will pass an air leakage test first time.

Your schedule matters – We understand that meeting tight deadlines is important and we always aim to issue a certificate on the same day.

For a quotation or informal discussion please contact us or call 01743 355 794.

2 FansAir Tightness Strategy

  • Identify the line of the air barrier at an early stage of design.
  • Refer to airtightness in all contracts which impact on the air barrier.
  • Specify and select airtight components.
  • Inform the site management team of the location and importance of the air barrier.
  • Explain to site operatives the critical importance of airtightness.
  • Check air barrier completeness before it becomes impossible to access.
  • Schedule an airtightness test by L1 Testing Ltd.
  • A pre – test visit to site by the testing body is recommended for larger sites.
  • Ensure all airtightness works are complete.
  • Contractor to have responsibility for sealing vents and open flues, closing trickle vents, external doors and windows in preparation for an airtightness test.
  • Air tightness test carried out by technician and results issued.
  • Results submitted to Building Control/client by contractor.

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